In a beautiful scenery right in front of the picturesque Ayia Napa Harbour, a local fisherman named Vassos was inspired to create his Tavern back in 1962. His coffee shop, a resting hub for the few local fishermen operating in the harbour, gradually evolved into a popular small local Fish Tavern. Vassos followed a simple routine: go out in the sea, get the best fish and bring it back to his wife Zympoullou to cook. Locals and visitors who were looking for traditional Cyprus cuisine, enjoyed the delicious local dishes that Vassos and his wife prepared, referring the tavern to friends and family. Vassos Fish Tavern success was based on 2 rules: pure and best quality ingredients and the personal service of the family.

The small tavern grew and evolved in time, into a modern but authentic fish restaurant. Today, both Cypriots and tourists still enjoy the Cyprus dishes offered by the famous Ayia Napa restaurant and most of them visit after referrals from friends and family who were here before. Food lovers have found their dining spot and Vassos fish restaurant is a favourite location for locals and tourists alike, who want to enjoy fresh seafood in a pleasant setting and the wonderful view of the harbour. The restaurant offers more than a restaurant seafood menu: only Cypriot fresh fish, a separate sushi menu, an exquisite wine list and a variety of dishes for those not favouring seafood. Local cuisine has its special place in the restaurant menu.

The restaurant is the largest in the area and it can accommodate up to 400 people, making it an ideal venue for events such as parties, christenings and group excursions. As grant as it may sound, Vassos Fish Restaurant remains humble at heart: it keeps the spirit of the tradition it carries, offering the same warm hospitality its founders did and choosing among the top quality of fish local fishermen bring every day. Vassos Fish restaurant is open 365 days a year from 11 a.m till Midnight. For more inquiries please contact us at or call us at +357 23721884

Vassos Fish Harbour restaurant is open for 365 days from 11 a.m till Midnight.

You are invited to take a look at our display with freshly caught fish by local fishermen. Select your own fish and ask for your favourite way to be cooked with the sauce you prefer! Your fish will be weighted at the display area in front of you and you will be informed about the price that you will pay!

Mullets, Local Snappers, Courcounes, White Sea Bream, Parrot Fish, Crouper, Gopa, Sardines, Prawns, Mussels, Calamari, Octopus, Oysters, Cuttle Fish, Fresh Salmon, Live Lobster, Swordfish, Sea Bass, and of course our Specialty Blue Fin Tuna are just few of the many delights you can treat yourself to!  Enjoy!!


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