a glass of wine ?

* Santa Marina

Medium sweet fruity white wine made from Cyprus Xynisteri grapes.

* Saint Antonios

A medium sweet, elegant with exceptional taste from local Xynisteri-Malaga grapes.


Medium dry fruity white wine, with a fresh palate of apples and grapefruit.


The Chardonnay from our own vineyards undergoes fermentation and maturing in oak barrels thus acquiring aromatic complexity, rich taste and potential for further development in a bottle.

* Petritis Dry

White wine with a refreshing aftertaste of a bouquet of wild flowers.

*Vlassides Sauvignon Blanc

Dry wine with a fruity taste and aromas of lime and green apple.


Medium dry wine produced from selected grapes of the local traditional variety Xynisteri.


Dry white wine vinified from the indigenous variety Xynisteri which is cultivated in family vineyards.


*Chardonnay Argyrides

Bright yellow-green colour. Rich nose characteristic of Chardonnay fruit combined with a little vanilla and very lightly roasted oak.

*Zambartas Sauvignon Blanc

An intense and complex aromaticbouquet reminiscent of lemon blossoms, red grapefruit, peach, hints of sweet spice and a full lingering taste.

*Ayios Andronikos

A fruity, dry white wine from selected grapes that come from the vineyards of the Chrossogiatissa Monastery in Paphos.

*Tsiakkas Xynisteri

Xynisteri has appealing combination of grapefruit and lime aromas. A lingering peach and nectarine flavour. It has a dashing body and a balanced acidity that combines perfectly with light meals.

* Grifos 2 Vlassides

A local grape (xinisteri) has found its other half in a foreign variet  (sauvignon blanc). This is a vividly aromatic and fruity wine that fills the plate with its multifaceted character and lasting finish.

*Tsiakkas Sauvignon Blanc

Delicate wine aromas following through a mellow and passion fruit palate. Not of tropical fruit in the after taste. It has an accented acidity and in a combination with its explosive aromas impart a fresh summery wine.


* Andessitis Kyperounta

Perfectly balanced and smooth red wine with intense ruby colour, rich aroma and long after taste.

*Vlassides Shiraz

Deep red, with dense aroma and scents reminding marmalades made of red flesh fruits, adding spices and a twist of the oak barrique.

*Santa Marina

Medium sweet fruity red wine, made from Cyprus Mavro grapes.

*Sant Antonios

A medium sweet ine with vibrant colour and a perfumed finish.

*Geroklima Maratheftiko

A  signature local grape wine, barrel aged, with a deep red colour reminding of black fruits and cherry.


*Ayios Onoufrios

The indigenous varieties of Maratheftikon and Lefkada and the fine varieties of Cabernet S., Cabernet F., Shiraz and Merlot compose the family tree of this wine.

* Merlot Cabernet Argyrides

Deep red colour, rich fruity nose with morellos, cherries and mulberries combined with violet, vanilla, cinnamon and rose into a complex but sweet whole. Full strong mouth with fruit perceptibility present and sturdy tannins holding together a strong flavour structure.

*Stroumbeli Shiraz

The excellent Shiraz has a deep brick red colour with an intense maroon and purple hue.


The syrah and cabernet sauvignon from our own vineyards produce a noble wine that matures for 18 months in a new oak barrels from french forests. Dense dark red colour, a complex and strong aromatic character and full robust taste.

*Tsiakkas Merlot

Plum, jam with elegant ripe berry fruit flavours. A smooth dark chocolate and sweet coffee notes. Its soft tannins permit a sweet after taste.


*Santa Marina

Medium sweet fruity rose wine made from Cyprus Mavro grapes, carefully chosen to give a vibrant refreshing rose, to please every palate.

* Kyperounta

A very aromatic medium-dry rose dominated by red fruits aromas.

*Saint Antonios

A medium sweet rose wine with a rich aromatic expression from shiraz grapes.

*Tsiakkas Rose

The Greenach variety make up this light body wine with the appley fruit and wonderful structure and a long lingering finish. A lightweight attractive, rasberry colour rose with an aromatic fruity flavor.

*Rose Vlassides

Rose wine with a light pink color, refreshing pleasant aftertaste and soft aroma reminiscent of pomegranate and rose.

* Biblia Chora

This blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Assyrtiko had a full, musky nose.

*Gerovassiliou White

A pioneering blend of the two indigenous grape varieties, Assyrtiko and the rare Malagousia.

*Moschofilero Boutari

Presents a brilliant, crystal-clear, white yellow color with green tints. A fresh wine with intense floral and fruity bouquet dominated by aromas f white rose, melon and citrus.

*Paranga Kir-Yianni

Fresh, with notes of lemon, citrus zest and spring flowers on the nose; on the palate it shows crispness and a beautiful, round finish.

*Magic Mountain

It has a clear lemon-yellow colour with golden sheens. A complex nose with aromas of green apple, mango and pear with notes of basin and feshly cut grass.


*Malagousia Gerovassiliou

Further to skin contact to enhance the extraction of aromas, it is partially barrel-fermented and then matures on its lees for a few months, gaining depth in flavour and floral aromas. It has brilliant straw colour with greenish shades and an aroma of matured fruit such as pear, mango and citrus.


A dry wine of bright pale yellow colour. On the nose, alluring exotic fruity (citrus) aromas coupled with a gentle touch of floral essence.

* Amethystos White (Ktima Lazaride)

Sauvignon Blanc 85%, Assyrtiko 15%
Attrctive, fresh aromas reminiscent of peach, mango and pineapple on a citrus background. The grace and finesse of the Sauvignon Blanc meet the strength and intensity of the Assyrtiko. The result is a wine with a fresh full taste and a fruity finish.

*Chateau Julia Assyrtiko (Ktima Lazaride)

Assyrtiko 100%. Elegant bouquet with notes of chamomile, lemon tree and flint. Full, well-structured and persistent, it manages to be at the same time rich and lively. Long finish with hints of lemon.

*Orthi Petra (Domaine Zachariudakis)


The combination of the explosive aromas of the local vidiano with the sweet, fruity character of the sauvignon blanc elevates and brings the sea flavours of summer in the best possible way.

*Retsina Malamatina 50 cl

Medium straw lemon colour with aromas of pine, lanolin, almonds and citrus. Fresh and refreshingly dry defined fresh pine gum and pine needle flavours with citrus undertones.


* Biblia Chora

Cabernet  Sauvigon 50%, Merlot 50 %


Produced from the varieties of Syrah, Merlot and Grenache Rouge. Bright deep purple colour.

*Magic Mountain

Intense ruby red colour. Clear typical aromas of red forest fruits, blueberry, gooseberry, wild fig and black cherry, perfectly combined with the aromas of wood and french oak.

*Paranga Kir-Yianni

The wine combines the shack Xinomavro Merlot and Shyraz; the color is dark red, while Phuket is complex and resembles rasberry with hints of green pepper.

*Chateau Julia Merlot (Ktima Lazaride)

Merlot 100%. Enchanting alternation of impressions. Redcurrant, cherry jam, mint chocolate, ink and cedar are only some of the identifiable aromas. Fresh, rich, almost plethoric, with abundant fruit supporting the well-integrated tannins. The theoretically high alcohol is balanced by the acidity and expressed mainly as sweetness and volume. Long finish with notes of chocolate.


* Biblia Chora

Lively and intense pomegranate color. Rich aroma of red fruits like cherry, blueberry and strawberry with some spicy hints.

*Akakies Ktima Kir-Yianni

It has a clear lemon-yellow colour with golden sheens. A complex nose with aromas of green apple, mango and pear with notes of basin and freshly cut grass.


A fragrant bouquet of fresh rose petals, confectionary, strawberry and black pepper notes dominate the nose.

*Rose (Domaine Zacharioudakis)


An impressive medium dry rose that wins first with its lovely bright rose colour and then with its wealth of aromas of ripe fruit, complex and delicious with strong aromatic finish.

*Domaine Costa Lazaridi Merlot Rose

Merlot 100%. Lively nose reminiscent primarily of red fruit like strawberry and cherry, with a hint of lemon verbena and an almost imperceptible presence of spices. Elegance and finesse with a refreshing acidity which balances the alcohol creating a sense of harmony rounded up with a pleasant fruity finish.


* William Fevre Domaine Chablis (France)

William Fevre Domaine Chablis has a very fresh and enticing bouquet with notes of citrus and white fleshed fruit.

*Asti Spumante D.o.c.g Banfi (Italy)

Intense and fruity, an elegant expression of Moscato aromas, sage and peach blossom. Sweet, crisp, aromatic, harmoniously delicate on the palate.

*Pinot Grigio Ca' Iungetta (Italy)

The palate is dry soft and well balanced due to its full body. An appley white with some mineral and lemon lime zest. Crisp clean and very refreshing with a nice lively finish.

*Canella Prosecco (White Extra Dry Sparkling Wine) (Italy)

Fresh, aromatic and fruity fragrance. The flavor is dry but at the same time smooth, with its delightful effect on the palate.

*Prosecco Doc Treviso 2018 Corte Giara (Italy)

A delicious Prosecco with a beautiful freshness, elegant fruit notes and a pleasant bubble. Delicious aromas of white flowers.


* Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Montes (Chile)

Exuberant aromas of White fruit along with citrusy and floral notes.

*Bishop's Leap Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Marlborough (New Zealand)

A combination of passion fruit, lychess and gentle herbaceous, making it a gorgeous wine.

* Chablis Grand Cru 'Les Clos' 2015, Marcel Servin (France)

Floral and fruit bouquet, full of white flowers and citrus notes. Concentrated and deep. Rich, generous and elegant. A very long aftertasting.

* Chassagne Montrachet, Bouchard Pere & Fils (France)

Intense floral and fruit aromas. Full-bodied yet smooth, this wine has excellent strength. Montrachet is where the greatest white wines come from.


* Chateau La Croix Figaec (France)

Dence, complex yet accesible red with lovely layered berry and spice flavours. Lengthy wine showing real power.

*Brunello Di Montalcino D.O.C.G Banfi (R) (Italy)

A classic, this Brunello di Montalcino is obtained with clones of Sangiovese selected after research on this unique grape and is aged in French oak barrels of 350 liters as well in 60-120hl Slavonian barrels. The most aristocratic combination of Montalcino tradition and modern winery techniques.

*Montes Reserva Merlot (Chile)

Elegant, refined with marked fruitness and spicy black pepper, harmonious and soft on the palate. Aurelio decided to add 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, to marry better with the oak, adding structure and finesse that also gives the wine ageing potential.

*Rosso Di Montalcino D.O.C Banfi (R) (Italy)

A super classic of Montalcino and Banfi. A wine able to match the elegance and solidity of its elder counterpart with freshness and directness that make it one of Banfis most versatile wines.

*Amarone Della Valpolicella Valpantena Docg 2015, Bertani (Italy)

An intense red colour with purplish highlights. On the nose, marked and intense aromas of very ripe cherries, sour cherries, fruits of the forest, spicy and nutty notes typical of the Valpantena. Good follow-through of red fruits on the palate, with supple tannins to give depth.

*Valpolicella Ripasso Doc 2016 BERTANI (Italy)

It has an intense purple-red colour with purplish highlights. On the nose it has a very clean and intense aroma of ripe red fruit with hints of dark fruit, such as bramble, blackcurrant and ripe cherry. It is velvety and well-balanced, full and round.


* Pinot Grigio Ca'Iugetta Rose (Italy)

This elegant bouquet has intense notes of acacia flowers. Soft and well-balanced on the palate round and full bodied structure.

*Canella Rose Brut (Italy)

A perfect combination of character and smoothness. A highly sociable wine, the ideal accompaniment for a joyful meal or a relaxing aperitif.

*Rosse Regale Banfi (Italy)

Aromatic sparkling wine with hints of raspberries, strawberries and rose petals. Fresh raspberries, with crisp acidity, enticing the palate with an initial softness, graduating to a clean and dry finish.

*Lambrusco Rosato Emilia (Italy)

Slightly sparkling sweet rose wine at natural fermentantion, obtained from the white vinification of Lambrusco grapes.
imported wine (rose)

*Bellini Canella (Italy)

The Bellini cocktail is composed of two parts sparkling wine, one part white peach juice and pulp from select, perfectly ripe peaches and a few drops of wild respberry. Its natural ingredients are grown in the Venetian countryside. The delicate white peaches are handpicked when fruit is perfectly ripe, so as to maximize concentration of sugar and aromas.

*Mateus Rose Original (Portugal)

A lovely pale medium dry rose wine with aromas of candy floss, cherries, strawberries and dry herbs and on the palate clean, fruity and refreshing flavours.

*Bianco Nero Pink Sparkling Wine (Italy)

The pink sparkling wine, made from grapes of Hamburg Muscat variety, is characterized by fruity aromas of strawberry, raspberry and cherry combined with hints of violet and vanilla.

* Bertarose Chiareto 2018 Bertani (Italy)

A lychee-pink colour. Fresh aromas of pomegranate and redcurrants with notes of white flowers. Decisive on the palate, good body and good balance between acidity and tanginess. Excellent length.


* Carafe (50cl)

White dry
White medium-dry
White medium sweet

Rose dry
Rose medium sweet

Red dry
Red medium sweet

*Wine by the glass


* Moet & Chandon (White) 20cl

* Moet & Chandon (White) 37,5cl

* Moet & Chandon (Rose) 75cl

* Dom Perignon (White) 75cl

* Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec (White) 75cl


* Moschofilero Boutari 18,7cl (White)

* Agiorgitiko 18,7 cl (Red)

* Aes Ambelis 18,7cl (red,white, rose)

* Canella Prosecco 20cl (white, rose)

* Bianco Nero Medium Sparkling Wine 18,7cl (white,rose)

* Tsiakkas Xinisteri 37,5cl

* Rose Tsiakkas 37,5cl

spirits 3cl- by glass(APERITIFS)

* Ouzo

* Martini- Bianco, Rosso, Extra dry

* Campari

* Zivania (LOEL)


* Absolut

* Stolichnaya


* Grey Goose

* Belvedere

* Beluga

Spirits-3cl (gin)

* Gordon's

*Bombay Sapphire


*Bombay and Tonic

Add a flavour: Elderflower/ Hibiscus/ Raspberry/ Violette

Spirits-3cl (whisky)

* Famous Grouse

* J&B

*Jack Daniel's

* Jameson

*Johnny Walker Black Label

* Johnny Walker Red Label

* Johnny WalkerBlue Label


*Glenmorangle 10 years

Spirits-3cl (RUM)

* Bacardi white

*Bacardi dark

*Captain Morgan dark

*Captain Morgan spiced

Spirits-3cl (TEQUILA)

* Sierra

*Jose Cuervo

spirits 3cl- by glass (brandy)

* VSOP Keo Brandy

* Five Kings Brandy

* Metaxas 5 Brandy

* Metaxas 7 Brandy

* Remy Martin cognac

* Courvoisier cognac

spirits 3cl- by glass(LIQUEURS)

* Tia Maria

* Bailey's

* Amaretto Disaronno

* Cointreau

* Mastiha

* Sambuca

* Smirnoff North

* Limoncello

Spirits-3cl (SHOOTERS)

*Tequila Boom

*Jagher Bomb


*Monkey Brain

*Sweet Lips

spirits 3cl-
by glass

* Commandaria

* Fernet Branca

* Jagermeister

spirits- Bottle (aperitifs)

* Ouzo Barbayanni (blue, green)

* Ouzo Plomari

*Ouzo 12

*Zivania (LOEL)

*Tsipouro Kardasi

spirits- Bottle (VODKA)

* Absolut

* Stolichnaya


*Grey Goose



spirits- Bottle (WHISKY)

* Famous Grouse

* J&B

*Jack Daniels



*Johnny Walker Red Label

*Johnny Walker Black Label

spirits- Bottle (Brandy)

* VSOP Keo Brandy

* Metaxas 5 Brandy

*Metaxas 7 Brandy

*Courvoisier cognac

*Remy Martin cognac


* Aviation

Gin, maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon juice, creme de violette.

* Berry Collins

Gin, red berries, raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, soda, orange bitters.

*Gin Fizz

Gin, soda, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, soda.

*Blue Hawaiian

Rum, Blue curacao, pineapple juice, coconut puree.

*Cuba Libre

Rum, coke, fresh lime.


Classic: Rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup.
Frozen:Available flavours: Banana/ Strawberry/ Watermelon/ Lime/ Peach/ Mango/ Passion Fruit/ Red Berries. 


* Espresso Martini

Vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso shot.

* Sex On The Beach

Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, grenadine.

* Bloody Mary

Vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper.


Rum, fresh lime, mint leaves, sugar, soda .
Available flavours:  Red berries/ Strawberries/ Watermelon/ Peach/ Mango/ Passion fruit. 

*Pina Colada

Rum, coconut puree and cream, pineapple juice.


Cachaca, fresh lime, brown sugar.



Classic: Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice.
Frozen : Available flavours: Strawberry/ Watermelon/ Lime/ Peach/ Mango/ Passion fruit/ Red Berries.


Tequila, pink grapefruit soda, lime wedge.

*Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, orange juice, grenadine.


Citron vodka, triple sec, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice.

*Long Island ice tea

Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, splash of cola.

*Brandy Sour

Brandy, lemon squash, angostura bitters, soda.

*Ouzo Special

Ouzo, lemonade, grenadine.


* Caribbean Mule

Dark rum, fresh lime juice, ginger beer.

*Gin gin mule

Gin, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, ginger beer.

*Mastiha Mule

Mastiha liqueur, fresh lime juice, ginger beer, mint leaves.

*Moscow Mule

Vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer.

*Tennessee Mule

Bourbon whisky, fresh lime juice, ginger beer, mint leaves.


* Vassos Special (served in pineapple)

Dark rum, white rum, orange curacao, falernum, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, grenadine.

*Coco esta loco (served in coconut)

Dark rum, Caribbean rum, spiced rum, pineapple puree, fresh orange juice, nutmeg.

*Harbour special (served in pineapple)

Rum, raspberry puree, fresh pineapple and juice, fresh lime juice.

*Mai Tai in a boat (served in half pineapple)

Dark rum, white rum, orange curacao, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice.


* Hugo

Prosecco, elderflower syrup, mint leaves, fresh lime, soda.

*Limoncello Spritz

Prosecco, limoncello liqueur, soda.

*Aperol Spritz

Prosecco, aperol, soda.


Prosecco, peach puree.

non alcoholic COCKTAILS

* Virgin Colada

Fresh banana and puree, pineapple juice, coconut puree.

*Mickey Mouse

Orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, blue curacao non-alcohol.

*Aperol Spritz

Prosecco, aperol, soda.


Prosecco, peach puree.